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115*105*23 Mm Solar Road Reflectors with 2PCS LED Per Side for Your Requirements

115*105*23 Mm Solar Road Reflectors with 2PCS LED Per Side for Your Requirements

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Product Details
Adhesive Or Screw Mounting
2 Years
Battery Type:
Ni-Mh Battery
Product Size:
115*105*23 Mm
Led Qty:
Led Quantity:
Load Capacity:
20 Tons
Payment & Shipping Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

Solar Road Reflectors

Solar Road Reflectors are a type of highway light that uses LED technology to provide clear visibility and safety for drivers. These LED road studs are designed to be durable, energy-saving and weather-resistant, making them an essential component for modern roads.

The Solar Road Reflectors have 2 LED lights on each side, providing a total of 6 LED lights for maximum visibility. They are lightweight, weighing only 250g, making them easy to install and transport. With an operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C, these road reflectors can withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • LED Quantity: 2 per side, 6 in total
  • Weight: 250g
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
  • Load Capacity: 20 Tons

The Solar Road Reflectors are powered by solar energy, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. They have an IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring that they are resistant to water and dust, making them suitable for use in any weather conditions.

These road reflectors are highly reflective, enhancing visibility for drivers and creating a safer driving experience. The LED lights are energy-saving, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. They also have a long lifespan, making them a long-term investment for any road infrastructure.

The Solar Road Reflectors are designed for easy installation, making them suitable for both new and existing roads. They are also weather-resistant, able to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight, rain, and snow. These reflectors are heavy-duty, with a load capacity of 20 tons, ensuring they can withstand heavy traffic and last for years to come.

Overall, the Solar Road Reflectors are a reliable, safe, and durable solution for modern roads. With their energy-saving and environmentally friendly features, they are a smart choice for any road infrastructure project. Invest in Solar Road Reflectors to improve road safety and create a more sustainable environment.


  • Product Name: Solar Road Reflectors
  • Battery Type: Ni-Mh Battery
  • Load Capacity: 20 Tons
  • Lighting Time: 100h After Fully Charged
  • Installation: Adhesive Or Screw Mounting
  • Color: Yellow
  • Factory Sale
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • High Visibility

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters Description
Solar Powered Yes
Operating Temperature -20°C To 70°C
Product Size 115*105*23 mm
Size 4 inches in diameter
LED Qty 2PCS per side
Work Mode Flash or steady
Visual Distance >800 meters
Warranty 2 years
Installation Adhesive or screw mounting
Color Yellow
Battery Type Ni-Mh battery
Waterproof IP68
Durable Yes
Energy-saving Yes
Easy Installation Yes
Long Lifespan Yes


Solar Road Reflectors Application and Scene
Solar Road Reflectors
Solar Road Reflectors

Brand Name: changdaneng
Place of Origin: shenzhen,China
Size: 4 Inches In Diameter
Battery Type: Ni-Mh Battery
Work Mode: Flash Or Steady
Product Size: 115*105*23 Mm
Visual Distance: >800 Meters

LED Road Stud

Solar Road Reflectors are equipped with high-quality LED road studs, providing bright and long-lasting illumination for outdoor applications.

Solar Powered

No need for external power sources, Solar Road Reflectors are powered by solar energy, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Factory Sale

As a manufacturer of Solar Road Reflectors, we offer factory direct sales to provide competitive prices and reliable products.

Easy Installation

Solar Road Reflectors can be easily installed on any road surface without the need for complicated wiring or construction work, saving time and effort.


Customized Service for Solar Road Reflectors - Changdaneng

Brand Name: Changdaneng

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Battery Type: Ni-Mh Battery

Weight: 250g

Work Mode: Flash Or Steady

Operating Temperature: -20°C To 70°C

Load Capacity: 20 Tons

This project item is a solar powered road safety product designed and produced by Changdaneng. Our road reflectors are equipped with Ni-Mh batteries, making them durable and long-lasting. Weighing only 250g, they are lightweight and easy to install on any road surface.

The reflectors have two work modes - flash or steady - to suit different road conditions and preferences. They can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to 70°C, ensuring reliable performance in various weather conditions.

With a load capacity of 20 tons, our solar road reflectors can withstand heavy vehicles without getting damaged. The flashing light feature also makes them highly visible, thus improving road safety for drivers and pedestrians.

Support and Services:

Solar Road Reflectors
Technical Support and Services

At Solar Road Reflectors, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and excellent service. Our team of experts is dedicated to meeting all of your technical support needs and ensuring the success of your project.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have regarding our solar road reflectors. We can provide troubleshooting assistance, product recommendations, and technical specifications to ensure that you are using our products to their full potential.


We understand that every project is unique and may require specific customization to meet your needs. Our team can work with you to create custom solutions that are tailored to your project requirements, including color, size, and design.

Installation Support

Proper installation is crucial for the performance and longevity of our solar road reflectors. Our team is available to provide installation support and guidance, including recommended installation methods and techniques.

Maintenance and Repair Services

To ensure the continued performance of our solar road reflectors, we offer maintenance and repair services. Our team can assist with product maintenance, replacement of damaged components, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.


All of our solar road reflectors come with a warranty to guarantee their quality and performance. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues with our products, our team will work with you to resolve the issue and provide a replacement if necessary.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service and support to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our products. We welcome any feedback or suggestions to help us improve our services.

Thank you for choosing Solar Road Reflectors as your partner for solar road safety solutions. We are committed to providing you with the best products and services to meet your needs.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping: Solar Road Reflectors
  • The Solar Road Reflectors will be packaged in a sturdy cardboard box to ensure safe transportation.
  • The box will be labeled with the product name, quantity, and any necessary handling instructions.
  • Each Solar Road Reflector will be individually wrapped in plastic to prevent any scratches or damage during transit.
  • Additional padding or cushioning materials will be included to further protect the product.
  • The Solar Road Reflectors will be shipped via a reputable courier service such as UPS or FedEx.
  • Shipping options and costs will be calculated based on the destination and weight of the package.
  • Customers can choose their preferred shipping method at checkout.
  • Orders will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days.
  • Tracking information will be provided to customers once the package is shipped.
  • In case of any damages during shipping, customers can contact us for a replacement or refund.


  • Q: What is the brand name of this product?
    A: The brand name of this product is changdaneng.
  • Q: Where is this product manufactured?
    A: This product is manufactured in Shenzhen, China.
  • Q: What are the main features of this product?
    A: The main features of this product are its solar-powered design and reflective material, providing enhanced visibility and safety on roads.
  • Q: Are these reflectors suitable for all types of roads?
    A: Yes, these reflectors are suitable for all types of roads, including highways, city streets, and country roads.
  • Q: How long do these reflectors last?
    A: These reflectors have a lifespan of up to 10 years, making them a durable and long-lasting option for road safety.

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