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Revamp plan for area near Palam airport


Latest company news about Revamp plan for area near Palam airport

Revamp plan for area near Palam airport

NEW DELHI: PWD will take up road repair and beautification around Palam airforce station and officials said that several tenders had been floated forhorticulture, fixing of grilles and solar stud lights on Palam road.
Near terminal i of the airport, the department plans to take up an extensiveplantation of grown trees, shrubs and seasonal flowering plants. Trees likeBismarckia palm and Plumeria alba will be planted in large numbers inaddition to around 100 Ficus retusa as part of the beautification.
The department will first create trenches and do earthwork at the spot andthen plant the trees.
As part of the beautification work for the G20 summit, poles will be erectedfor decorations and other usage.

On the road, the PWD will fix solar stud lights, which are a type of roadsafety devices that use solar energy to illuminate the road. They are oftenused to improve road safety in areas with low light conditions or with poorvisibility.
For the past few months, the PWD has been carrying out the beautificationnear the airport along T-3 in preparation for the G20 summit.
The makeover plan that includes aesthetic upgrade of the 8-kilometre stretchby way of uniform colour patterns on flyovers and foot overbridges,horticultural overhaul through planting flowering plants of different coloursand heights, so as to achieve a stepped three-coloured pattern, generacleanliness and symmetric installation of fountains and big-sized lionstatues.


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